Guatemalan Cubulco


Our Cubulco blend is a bright and chocolately mélange of five different farm's beans, all situated in central Guatemala in the temperate-to-cold mountain climate. After being handpicked, naturally fermented and finally sun dried, we roast the beans in small batches to a balanced medium roast, bringing out their natural citrus and hazelnut essences along with smooth herbal and dark chocolate notes.

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Bear House Coffee Roasters is a mobile coffee shop based out of the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Our mission is to bring the local community together through art, music, and coffee.

We custom roast all of our beans using a roaster specifically designed for small batches. This ensures each cup of coffee is rich in flavor and freshly roasted to perfection, every time.


At Bear House, our customers are a part of the family. We welcome you and thank you for visiting our site!  We look forward to sharing a cup with you.

Always on the hunt for the finest cup of coffee, Stephen Davis, owner, travels far and wide sampling different coffees, sharing his favorite Bear House roasts, and picking up tricks of the trade along the way. Movement is just part of Stephen's style, so a mobile coffee shop fits him naturally.


You can spot the trailer easily by it's lit up sign and faux greenery on the side. Most likely a local artist's paintings will be propped up or hung from the walls, and the heavenly smell of freshly brewed coffee will drift through the air. Look for the bearded guy in a beanie and you know you're at the right place.